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What I Got For My Birthday


On Monday it was my 20th birthday. I’m no longer a teenager which is pretty scary! I always love reading/watching blogs of what other people got for their birthday because I’m pretty nosey, and I’m pretty sure many other people are the same, so I thought I’d do one myself so you can all have a nose into some of the presents I was lucky enough to receive.


The first thing I’m going to share with you is this really pretty bangle that my friend bought me. I’m such a girly girl and I love beautiful jewellery so I’m looking forward to wearing this when I next get dressed up.


Next up is this shower speaker (available on Amazon). I love listening to music in the shower, but with mine being a cubicle, having my phone outside of the shower with the water on means I can’t actually hear the music. So this speaker is perfect for what I need. It can stick inside the shower so I can hear the music perfectly, and can change the song, or even answer a phone call.


I love this nightdress. I really do love sleep so it sums me up haha! It’s so perfect for warm summer nights where you want to wear something baggy and comfy.


I absolutely love cute personalised things because they’re so special and you know a lot of thought has gone into it. So this ‘Friends’ photo frame made me so happy when I opened it. It’s such a beautiful frame and I love what it says on it.

img_8692I never was into the whole Lush craze. Until earlier this year, I’d never bought a product from there in my life. However, when I went into the store one time to buy a present, I ended up trying their Charity Pot and it left my hands so soft that I ended up buying it later that day. I’ve bought a few more things from there since, so thought I’d ask for some more for my birthday. I wish I’d taken a photo before I’d opened it up as the paper the box was originally wrapped in was so pretty. It’s full of fruity-scented products including a bath bomb, bubble bar, body conditioner and soap. I’m looking forward to using them!


I’ve been wanting a Fitbit for a while now, so I’m excited to finally have one! I have the Fitbit Alta which I love because it’s smaller and more dainty than a lot of the other styles. I’ve been interested to track my sleep and also to count my steps when I’m at work or other times where I don’t have my phone on me to track it that way (plus a Fitbit is a lot more accurate). And hopefully it will give me more motivation to be more active and go to the gym too!


I absolutely love River Island handbags. They’re always so beautiful so I asked for a couple for my birthday. The one on the left is a cross-body bag for a day out, and the one on the right is a large bag for taking away when I have lots of things. A girl can never have too many bags!


The last thing I’m going to share with you is this cute hand-painted mug and matching coaster with my initial on.  It’s from a small local shop so it’s good to have something a bit different, plus it’s a good size for a large mug of coffee.


In addition to all these gifts, I was also treated to a day in London on Wednesday to watch Wicked. It’s my favourite musical and I’ve previously seen it on the UK tour but I’ve always dreamed of seeing it in London. I was so excited for my mum to see the show too because I’d always go on to her about how good it was and I knew she would love it! It was absolutely incredible and so magical; I had such a lovely day. We even managed to fit in some shopping on Oxford Street and a dinner sat outside in a cute little side street.

So there is a selection of this year’s birthday gifts. I received so many lovely things and I’m so lucky to have such great and generous friends and family. I hope you enjoyed being nosey and having a little peak into what I got.

Happy Friday!

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