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My Fragrance Through The Years

Today I thought I’d share a quick look back at my fragrance choices over the years as I have got older and see how my tastes have developed.

The First Fragrances


When I first started experimenting with fragrance, it was just with the typical body sprays. Remember Charlie and Impulse sprays? I loved picking these up in Wilkos when I went shopping. They were the kind of sprays that it was easy to spray too much of and the smell would get to the back of your throat.

The Move Into Perfume


My first experience of perfume was Calvin Klein Shock, and I also got hold of Hugo Boss Nuit. I felt so grown up receiving these as presents and my love for fragrance really started to develop.  Later on, I received a giftset of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It was super exciting to have a body lotion matching the scent of my perfume, and wearing this made me feel so feminine which is one of the things I love about perfume. This scent pretty much sums up my taste in scents now, being fruity, floral and fresh.

The Present


I would say my taste in fragrance continued to mature, but you’d probably disagree with that when I say my go-to perfume is Cheryl’s Stormflower. Being a celebrity fragrance, it probably isn’t seen as the coolest most grown up scent to wear, but that’s  what happens when I’m a big fan haha! It’s just a stereotype as well, because all 4 of the Stormflower fragrances smell amazing, with the original and Noir probably being my favourites. So if you meet me, I’m probably wearing one of those 4. But I’m not limited just to Stormflower, as I also absolutely love Marc Jacobs. The bottles are always incredible and so are the scents. I currently own Daisy Dream after getting it in Duty Free with leftover holiday money a while back, and it’s so fresh and beautiful. I’d love to purchase more Marc Jacob scents.

So there’s my evolution of fragrance choices. It’s interesting looking back at how my taste has developed. I now don’t feel like me when I’m not wearing perfume, so I hate it when I’m in a rush to leave the house and forget to have a spray. I also love how long a bottle lasts, so even though perfumes can be expensive, this makes it so worth the money.

How have your tastes in fragrance developed? What are your favourite scents? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love

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