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Private Life Invasion

Yes, people choose to go into career’s which put them into the public eye. Yes, they all need some form of publicity and media to start off and help continue their career. But they don’t choose to have everything about their lives splashed over newspapers, lies spread about them or people camping outside of their houses demanding photos. We all want to make the most of our lives, achieve our dreams and do something we enjoy. So why are these people punished for doing exactly this by having complete invasion into their private lives?

It just makes me so angry how we can in some ways dehumanise people just because they are famous. Their job does not give them any less rights than the rest of us. It also confuses me how we respect these people in terms of their talent and who they are as people, yet we disrespect them and pry on their lives. Even ‘fans’ can show this disrespect and be so caught up and so desperate for a photo that they forget that they are a human with feelings which is really sad. Of course people are going to want photos and autographs with those they admire, but this can be done in a way which is less intruding. Go to events rather than following them round and waiting outside their house. Talk to them rather than screaming in their face. Yes, you’re a fan but they’re still only human.

I don’t understand how newspapers and journalists get away with making up lies and printing them for all to see. Why are they allowed to twist people’s words or make up stories which can be damaging to an individual’s reputation? This has got even worse with the increase in use of social media. Tweets can be misinterpreted, fans tweets are looked into by journalists and used in articles to create stories, and these stories can be out there in the world so quickly for everyone to see. Even when stories are true, who are we to splash their private lives all over the front of a newspaper? If we were going through a tough time, the last thing we would want is to have it shared with the world, and to be followed round by paparazzi. When did we even get so interested in celebrities lives? Shouldn’t we be concentrating on their music/acting roles/sporting talent rather than who they’re dating? There’s so many TV shows, magazines and social media accounts just dedicated to celebrities private lives, and it’s sad that we’ve lost the real meaning of why we support these people.

Another thing that makes me angry is the way that these people in the public eye are expected to look ‘perfect’ at all times, and if there’s anything which is a step away from the ideal then they are slammed for this. What does this do for their self confidence? And also for the self confidence of people who are insecure about their looks and their body, and see these news articles. The media should be embracing everyone’s differences and helping us to feel good about ourselves, not bringing these celebrities down, or the public down. Because, again, we are all human and we all have feelings and our own insecurities, whether we are in the public eye or not. Celebrities should not have to develop this thick skin that is required to do the job they love just because of disrespect from the public and the media.

Yes, I’m in fanbases and of course I have an interest in the people I support. But I would much rather they had their privacy than me knowing everything about them. I love them as people and when you support people it’s only natural to have this interest in them as a person and to wish them well. But I respect their lives, and I support them and their music. The media and the public should focus on promoting their talents and their projects, giving them recognition as people without the intrusion.

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