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My Trip To Italy

Hi everyone,

So I got back home this week after an amazing adventure travelling around Italy. My friend and I decided to cram 4 cities into one week, so it was a very tiring week but so worth it, and we got to see so much of the country. I thought I’d give you all a little round-up of what I got up to!

Our first stop was Rome. We spent the first afternoon in the Vatican area, and went inside St Peter’s Basilica which was absolutely incredible. It is massive and so beautiful, plus there was a service with singing going on whilst we were inside which just added to the atmosphere, and in a way felt quite magical.


Day 2 was all spent in Rome, basically cramming everything in. We started at the Colosseum which was amazing to see, as it’s one of those famous sights that everyone knows and it’s special to see it with your own eyes. I would recommend buying tickets online in advance, as we were told to do this and it meant we could cut out a lot of the queue and get inside quicker. We spent a while walking around and taking photos from different viewpoints. We then went to the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, where you could walk around for ages as it’s such a massive area and there’s so many different ways to go that it’s easy to miss bits. Seeing all the Roman ruins in there was incredible, and there were good views of Rome from the highest points.


For the rest of the day, we moved round the other big tourist attractions, starting with the Pantheon, before visiting Piazza Navona, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps. I absolutely loved seeing the fountain as it was so beautiful, and we threw our coins in as a tradition. However, the Spanish Steps were a disappointment as we couldn’t actually see them properly due to construction works going on. I’m not sure how much longer this is going on for, so if you’re visiting soon then I would recommend researching into this first!

Day 3, we travelled to Florence. This was a place that neither of us were particularly interested in when we were planning the trip but it seemed a sensible place to make a stop, however we are SO glad we did because we loved it there! It’s such a beautiful city and has such a nice relaxed vibe, which was a contrast to Rome. We spent a lot of time wandering around and taking in the sights. We went up to Piazzale Michelangelo, where you get panoramic views of the city and it was absolutely incredible up there. The photos do not do that view justice!


Day 4 included a visit to Pisa. It was only around an hour on the train so we thought it was worth going to see the Leaning Tower and take our touristy photos. It’s funny seeing everyone there doing the different poses for their own photos, and it means you don’t feel so stupid when you do it yourself! In the afternoon we headed back to Florence and went to the Duomo Cathedral which is another stunning building. We climbed over 400 steps to the top of the bell tower and once again got to experience some amazing views of the city.


On day 5, we travelled to Venice, which I think was my favourite of all the cities! It’s so beautiful and you can just wander around the narrow streets for hours taking photos because everything is that pretty. We didn’t care that we didn’t know where we were as it was so nice to just walk around and let ourselves and get lost, as it was one of those places where you could do that and be relaxed. Our B&B was out of town so we had to find a bus and work out where we had to get off which was confusing and stressful but we managed to do it and find where we were staying! On day 6, we went to do some more exploring in Venice, saw San Marco and some of the main bridges and also went on a gondola ride! That was something I really wanted to do, and I feel like a trip to Venice would not have been complete without it. We booked through a tourist information place by the train station which I would definitely recommend doing! If you pay for a ride from the many people around the water then you will be paying so much more money, so don’t let yourself be ripped off! They advertise their price as 80 euros, whereas we only paid 28! It was an incredible experience and something that can be ticked off the bucket list.

Day 7 we travelled to Milan and walked round by the shops. We went past all the designer shops that we would never even be able to set foot in haha! We managed to find some more affordable shops that we could actually go inside, and I finally managed to go in Sephora! We don’t have any stores here in the UK so when I realised they had them in Italy, I knew I had to pay a visit. It was actual heaven in there and I could have bought so much, but I managed to restrain myself a little and purchased a lipstick and some make-up remover.



The next day we headed home after an incredible week. We saw so many amazing sights, ate so much delicious food and had a lot of laughs! It was lovely to be able to see so much of the country in one go, even though it was exhausting but it was so worth it. The trains were so easy to get around on and we were lucky to find some good places to stay on our budget. I’m so happy I got to visit Italy and I would definitely recommend a visit to at least one of these cities! They all were so different so it was good to experience all 4 of them and see what they each had to offer.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip!


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