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August Update

Hi everyone!

As we go into August, I’m really loving blogging as I actually have enough time to do it properly at the moment with no university work. I’m definitely not the most experienced blogger but it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time. For this reason, I’d love to try and grow my blog a bit further and be more in the blogging community. Therefore, I am now signed up to Bloglovin and The Blogger Programme. The links are below if you’d like to give me a follow! It will be great to find new bloggers to read their posts and see what they think about mine, so I’m excited to get stuck in. I love blogging so I hope people enjoy what I post. It always means so much to me when people read my posts and like/comment!

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Starting from today, I’m also starting to keep a diary/memory book. I would sometimes keep a diary as a child but now I’m in my twenties, I decided it was a good time to start something a bit different to keep to look back on. So many positive things happen in my life that I will forget about, but I think it is so important to have a record of it all because one day, you’ll look back at it and be glad that you did. It brings back those times that you didn’t want to forget. I think it’s also good to have somewhere to put your feelings down and vent, and that will also be interesting to look back on! It’s different to keeping a diary as a child but I wanted this kind of concept to keep my memories, even the smallest things that have made me smile or feel a certain way, just in a more sophisticated way. Yesterday I purchased this beautiful notebook from Paperchase which will be used for this purpose. It’s hardback and has plenty of pages to keep me going, so perfect for what I wanted!


I hope you’re having a great start to your week. And thank you again for taking the time to read my posts, it means a lot!

Lots of love

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