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We may have been in 2015 for 5 days already, but I thought today I would talk about setting goals for the new year. People always talk about the cliché ‘new year new me’ and their New Years resolutions, but I’m not really one for that. However, I do like to set out a list of things I’d like to achieve and experience.

Last year, I managed to achieve so many incredible things that I’ll forever be happy about and grateful for. My biggest achievement is definitely passing my A Levels and getting into my first choice university, to do a degree which I’m enjoying so much. I never knew what I wanted to do as a job which made it very difficult for me to decide on a course to apply for. However, once I’d read about my course, I completely set my heart on it and I suddenly had a plan. I’ll always be so proud of myself for working as hard as I did, and it all paying off. I hated doing A Levels but it was all worth it in the end.

Another thing I experienced was my first holiday abroad with my friends. 4 of us went to Crete for a week and we had an amazing time. We have to be proud of ourselves that our first time abroad without our parents was successful without any hiccups. No one lost their passport, no one lost their luggage and no one ran out of money.

As a fangirl, I had to have some goals related to this. I’ve been a music fan from a very young age, and as a 6 year old I fell in love with Girls Aloud after watching Popstars The Rivals. Before last year, I’d never met any of the members so this was something I wanted to achieve. I ended up meeting 2 of the members so I exceeded that goal! I also managed to get a Twitter follow from Cheryl just 3 days into 2014.

In 2015, I’ve again thought about what I’d like to achieve. I aim to pass my first year of university with good results. Even though the marks don’t count towards my final grade in the first year, I still obviously want to do well and I definitely need to pass! I’m not the best at motivating myself to do work but I’ve put a lot of work into my essays so far so it’s always a good feeling to do well and be rewarded for your hardwork.

After Christmas, most of the country suddenly get obsessed with losing weight and getting into the gym. I’m definitely determined this year to try and tone up and get a flat stomach for summer. As a teenage girl, I do get body conscious and that’s the part I’ve wanted to tone up for a while. I just need to find the right exercises to see a result and motivate myself to carry it on.

There’s some things I have begun this year. I’ve just started this blog and I’m enjoying writing it. I’ve found myself feeling more inspired over the last few days as I’ve looked for and thought about things I could write about. I’m determined to find a little bit of time most days so I can keep writing regularly. I’m also loving the idea going around Twitter where everyone who RTs a certain picture gets their username put into a jar. Everyday, I take out a name at random and send them a message to make them smile. I think it’s a really cute idea, because the smallest thing can make someone’s day. I see far too often people feeling down about themselves on Twitter and there’s something so rewarding about being able to make them smile or feel that someone cares about them. I’m definitely going to make sure I get through all of the names in my jar and try to make them all happy for that moment.


What are you hoping to achieve this year?

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As we grow up, it’s natural to change our habits and our likes & dislikes. We develop new interests, our food taste can change, our personality can adjust. It’s all part of developing as a person and finding out who we really are. We are never going to be the same person at 3 years old as we are at 30 years old. Obviously I’ve changed in a lot of ways over my life so far, but what is really noticeable to me recently is the change to my attitude to sleep and my sleeping pattern.

As a child, I was never much of a sleeper. My parents had the struggles of trying to get me to sleep when I was young. Even as I got older, I still wasn’t a fan whilst others my ages would never want to get out of bed. I was always such a light sleeper, so the smallest noises woke me up and once I was awake, I could never get back to sleep again. And once I was awake, I couldn’t stay in bed relaxing for long because I would just get…bored. In fact, I actually dreaded the clocks going back an hour because I’d always just end up waking up ridiculously early and have to just lie in bed. I’ve never been able to sleep anywhere other than my own bed. On holiday or staying at a friend’s house, it would take a couple of nights to be able to adjust and have a good night’s sleep without waking up every hour. Forget being able to sleep on long journeys in the car and on flights. I just couldn’t understand how people can sleep anywhere and how they could spend all day in bed. I would just feel as if I was wasting the day doing nothing, and never could get my head around how people could even sleep for that long.

Well things are definitely different now. I don’t know when it happened but I now love my bed and definitely struggle to get out of it. I hate getting up at 10 or 11 in the morning, let alone my early starts at 6am. Gone are the days where I would never be able to get back to sleep once I’ve woken up. This morning, I had to get up at 7 to quickly pop into work to hand something in. 20 minutes after I left the house, I was back in bed again and the next thing I knew it was 10:30. In the past, I could never imagine being able to go back to sleep after leaving the house for 20 minutes before getting back into bed. I’m also suddenly a much heavier sleeper. I can sleep through things which the rest of my family hear during the night now. Plus I can actually get a good night sleep when I’m staying at someone else’s house.

That’s just one thing that has changed about me as I’ve grown up and it’s definitely a bonus! I’ve grown to love sleep and love my bed.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? What similar things have you noticed change about you through your life? Feel free to share your views below. Thank you for reading.

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I’m definitely guilty of having vain days and uploading selfies onto Twitter and Instagram when I’m not feeling too ugly. Selfies are a phenomenon now and instead of getting someone else to take your picture, people usually opt to take pictures of them and their friends themselves. With a front camera on most phones now, it’s just easier to take selfies. I even own a camera which has a front screen on it which is pretty cool, but it just really emphasises the importance of being able to take selfies in society nowadays.

What got me thinking about selfies so much today is when I saw a group of young girls walking around Sainsburys with a selfie stick. I’ve seen on my Twitter that a lot of people got selfie sticks for Christmas, so they’re obviously pretty popular at the moment. I definitely think they’re useful because I’ve experienced far too many times the struggles of trying to fit everyone in the picture, and no one having arms long enough. But does it not look really vain when you’re carrying a selfie stick around in public? And isn’t it a pain to carry it round? I don’t really know anything about them so I don’t know whether they can fold up or anything, but they’re pretty big to be carrying around. I think they’re all good for using at home with a group of friends or family, but is the phenomenon going too far when people are taking their selfie sticks around school and supermarkets? Does it not just make you look too obsessed with taking pictures of yourself? Does anyone reading this own a selfie stick? What do other people think about them?

Thanks for reading.

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P.S. I felt I should upload a selfie with this post 😉


Welcome To My Blog

Hi everyone. My name’s Hannah and I’ve wanted to do a blog for a while but never actually gone ahead and done it. I saw someone on my Twitter post a blog just now so I thought now would be a good time for me to start one. I’m not completely sure what I’m going to write yet, so it will probably end up being a mixture of lots of things, just my thoughts and feelings that day and my life in general. I imagine that once I get into it, it will be a bit more themed and based on something in particular. So a little bit about me..

  • I’m 18 years old
  • I’m from South West England
  • I’m currently studying Education & Psychology at university
  • My biggest interest is music, I’m a bit of a fangirl and I love Girls Aloud and Joe McElderry. My favourite thing to do is go to gigs.
  • I’m a typical girly girl in the way I love getting dressed up, make-up etc.

Hopefully I don’t bore anyone who reads this and I’ll be able to keep this up haha! If you want to follow my Twitter, its:


Thanks for reading!

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