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September Favourites

So it’s that time of the month again! I cannot believe we are going into October and the cold months already! September has been a great month for me, with trips to Italy and to Budapest, spending time with friends and family and making the most of the rest of my summer before heading into my final year of university. So here is what I have been loving this month.



  • First up is Rimmel’s 60 Second Nail Polish in the colour Lose Your Lingerie. This is a very pale pink colour which is really pretty, but the reason I’ve loved it so much is it’s lasting power. I genuinely don’t think I’ve had a standard nail varnish which has lasted so long. It actually lasted 2 weeks before it got to the stage where it needed to come off. Yes, it had definitely chipped before then, but not enough for me to feel that it looked messy and needed to be removed. You can usually get away with chipped nail varnish for longer when it’s a lighter colour, but I was so impressed with this product considering my nails normally look a mess after only a few days.


  • I’ve also been loving Grounded Body Scrubs. They are exfoliating coffee scrubs which buff away dead skin and keep you moisturised. Just get your skin wet in the shower, cover yourself in the scrub and leave on for 10 minutes before washing it off. I had a sample size of the Chocolate Orange scent which smelt absolutely incredible as well as doing such a good job on my skin. I tend to get dry flakey skin especially around my waist and this scrub solved that and left my skin feeling so smooth. I loved the product so much that I had to purchase more, so I decided to try the coconut scent this time. As well as on their website here you can also purchase their products from Boots.


  • The next item was a proper treat to myself. I had money left on the way home from Budapest, and seeing as Hungary have their own currency that I wouldn’t be using again, I decided that it would be a better investment to spend it at Duty Free rather than bringing it home and getting it changed back for hardly anything (that was my excuse anyway ha!). So I ended up buying something that I’ll probably never get to purchase again- a Chanel lipstick! I got the shade 438 Suzanne in the Rouge Coco range, and it’s such a beautiful colour. It’s hydrating so won’t dry my lips out which is useful for me as I’m prone to dry lips. This will definitely be a lipstick which comes out for special occasions!



  • A bit of promotion for my very talented singer-songwriter friend here. Shanna Towner released her first EP ‘Everything Changes’ this month and I absolutely love it. She’s written all the songs herself and her voice sounds amazing. I got to visit her in the studio one of the days, so it’s so special hearing the songs knowing all the work that went into them behind the scenes. Please support her and have a listen to her songs because they really are good and it would mean the world to her. You can find links to her EP here: iTunes   Spotify   Amazon   Facebook


  • Bastille- Wild World. The band released their new album this month, and after I loved the lead single Good Grief I was expecting great things. It’s such a great album  that I’ve been loving, although I haven’t had enough full listens to decide on favourite tracks yet.


  • Sia- The Greatest. I absolutely love Sia’s music and her latest single is no exception. I’m just waiting for her to finally come and tour the UK because she is someone that I need to see live!


And the Others…


  • Zoella Lifestyle- I’m so in love with Zoe Sugg’s new range of products! I’ve gone out and bought the diffuser in the scent ‘Seaside Stroll’ which is so fresh and I get such a lovely smell of it every time I walk into my bedroom. I’m excited to try some of the other products in the range, and I’ll sure be purchasing the Gingerbread Village scent as we approach Christmas for a festive touch.


  • A very random one but… coffee! It’s strange because I never used to like coffee at all and I couldn’t even stand the smell. But in the past couple of years or so, I’ve come to love it (as long as it’s milky like a latte, can’t deal with anything strong!) and this month it’s been a bit of a saviour for me. On Saturday mornings I now start work at 7am, which is especially difficult when I haven’t been at uni for months so have not had many super early mornings at all. I don’t have time for a coffee before I leave so I struggle through the first couple of hours until my first break, in which I have one from the machine and it literally helps me so much haha! It gives me some life and now I wonder how I ever did early mornings without it.


So that’s my September favourites! What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week, and I’ll be back with another post soon! Thank you as always for reading.

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July Favourites

It’s the end of another month, so it’s time to share some of my favourite things from the past 31 days.



  • I’m absolutely loving matte lipcolours at the moment. They last for so long, even when eating and drinking, which is perfect for days out. My favourite this month has been Martha Moo from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. It’s such a pretty colour and has really good staying power, so I’ve been wearing it most days since I bought it.
  • I’ve heard so many people raving about the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer that I had to give it a try… And it is incredible! It’s probably the best concealer I’ve used for covering up my blemishes, and it costs only £4.19 from Boots & Superdrug.
  • I love using bronzer in the summer months to give my pale skin a summer glow. I have been using the Rimmel Natural Bronzing Powder which does the job without making me looking orange. I actually got this bronzer for free a little while ago, as there was an offer at the time as I was buying other Rimmel products, but it only costs £5.99 anyway. Plus, it has SPF 15 in which is always a bonus when you’re going out in the sun.



  • I have been looking for a jumpsuit for ages now, but I’ve never found one that fits me well. Finally I’ve found one that I love, and it was only £13 from Primark. I love the pattern on it and because it has sleeves, it will be good to wear at home as well as on holiday.
  • The black shorts were only £10 in the sale from H&M. They’re such a comfortable fit, and they’re so versatile because they will go with so many different tops. They can definitely be worn to dress up and go out!
  • The sandals were £15 from Forever 21 and I thought they’d be really good for my holiday walking around Italy. They seem really comfortable but are really fashionable too. Even better- they were on Buy One Get One Free so I bought a different pair of sandals too for no extra cost.


I’ve struggled to find anything new for this month, as music that I’ve been loving has actually been around for longer than the past month, rather than being released in July. But here are a few summer songs I’ve had on repeat this month:

Bastille- Good Grief

M.O- Who Do You Think Of?

Clean Bandit & Louisa Johnson- Tears

Calvin Harris & Rihanna- This Is What You Came For


  • How To Get Away With Murder- my brother and I have been watching this together so it’s taken us longer than usual to finish the season, but we’ve finished the first one and are now desperate for Netflix to upload the 2nd season because it’s ended on such a cliffhanger! The series has been so gripping and interesting so if you haven’t watched it I would definitely recommend it!
  • Celebrity Masterchef- I’m such a foodie and I love watching this show with all the different challenges and seeing what people cook. The final was on Friday so it’s now over but I’ve enjoyed watching another series.
  • Gossip Girl- I’ve finally been watching it! It’s something I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time because it’s completely the kind of programme I love and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m on the second season so still have plenty of episodes left to watch.


  • All my birthday celebrations! My night out with my friends, meals out, my birthday itself and my birthday trip to London were all so much fun- I was spoilt! (read all about my birthday and the presents I received here: What I Got For My Birthday
  • Seeing Joseph in the last week of the UK tour in Southampton. If you read my blog post a few months ago (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Musical- UK Tour review) then you’ll know that I’d already seen the show, but it’s absolutely incredible and I’m a big Joe McElderry fan as it is, but the whole cast were so talented and the show was so much fun. And Lucy Kay (the narrator) was so sweet to me this day, she’s lovely. Theatres are promoting Joe as doing the tour again next year, and it’s coming very close to me so it looks like I’ll be lucky enough to experience it again!


  • I am loving my Fitbit Alta I received for my birthday. As I talked about in my birthday blog post, I’d wanted one for ages so I’m so happy I finally have it.
  • Youtube!- I’ve never been much into watching Youtube videos but this month I’ve really got into some Youtubers and watching their vlogs. Zoella and Tanya Burr are definitely my favourites.


So there we go, that’s my July favourites! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and let’s see what August brings us!

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Mid-Year Outlook

As we reach half-way through the year, it’s interesting to look back at the year so far. 2016 is absolutely flying by, yet so much has been packed into it. On a global level, there’s been plenty of misery and heartbreak- famous deaths, tragic events and conflict. It’s scary to think of how  much has happened in the world this year when we’re only half-way through it. I know it’s just left people wondering what else could possibly happen, and it’s scary to think about all the negatives so far in 2016.

On a personal level, I’ve done so much work to complete my second year of university. I get my overall mark for the year next week, so that will finalise my penultimate year! It’s crazy that in a few months I’ll be starting my final year and getting ready to complete this part of my life. It’s going to be a long year of my dissertation, final exams and a lot of stress to make sure I get the best possible results I can. I have a few months of summer so I should probably make the most of this. As well as taking chill time and enjoying myself, I need to be sensible and prepare for what’s to come. This includes thinking of dissertation ideas, finding work experience and getting closer to deciding on my future career path. It’s all very scary but that’s how this adult life is!

This month I turn 20 and will no longer be a teenager. I hope to make a good start to my 20s as it’s the start of another exciting chapter. I was speaking to my parents the other week about how your 20s is a time where a lot of things can happen- settling down, finding your career, buying your first home. It’s an important time of my life but I’m hoping it will be fun and I’m looking forward to celebrating and welcoming in this new decade.

For the second half of 2016, there are some things I want to do so I can look back and think of it as a great year of my life:

  • Be organised and prepared to avoid last-minute stresses. Hopefully this will come into play when I start back at university!
  • Keep building up my confidence in all aspects of my life, including in driving (see my previous blog post Confessions of a Girl Who Lacks Confidence)
  • Make every effort on a social level. I think we are all guilty of social laziness sometimes. I can be lazy with my texting and go too long before realising I should catch up with a friend. Text people more regularly and arrange more meet-ups. Also there’s those times you just don’t feel like being sociable and going out but I need to remember that I always enjoy it when I’m out!
  • Go to the gym more! I’m paying for a membership so I really should be making more use of this because I’m not going to get the body I want sat on my sofa watching Netflix
  • And finally… Make the most of every day! 2016 has definitely taught us so far that life is too short and you never know what is around the corner. Have fun, do what you love and spend time with those you love whilst you still can

How are you going to spend the second half of your 2016?

Have a lovely weekend all,

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January 2016 Favourites

So the first month of the year is over already, how scary! It’s that time where I look back at some of my favourites from this month.

Favourite Moments

  • Seeing in the new year with my best friends
  • Surprising one of my friends by turning up in her town (see here)
  • Finishing semester 1 exams

Favourite Music

  • Sia- This Is Acting: This album only came out a few days ago but it has definitely met my expectations and I can’t stop listening to it. I’m especially loving Move Your Body.
  • Little Mix- Secret Love Song: This hasn’t officially been released as single yet but it’s already a hit in the charts even getting up to number 3 on iTunes. I love the main version featuring Jason Derulo, but Part 2 is incredible

Favourite TV

  • Making A Murderer- The latest Netflix obsession and I’m gripped, it’s so interesting! I feel so emotionally involved in it though, it’s definitely making me angry
  • Pretty Little Liars- the new season has started this month with the 5 year time jump, which I was wary about but I’m loving it and it remains my favourite TV series

January has been a crazy month and I’m looking forward to seeing what February has to bring. I’m back at university tomorrow so it’s going to be a struggle getting back into work again!

What have your January favourites been?

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Welcome April

I’m in denial that we’re in April already! I’m not sure where the last 3 months have gone at all. Next month I’ll be finishing my first year at university which is a very scary thought. It will be weird no longer being a fresher and having to work even harder than now.

I kicked April off in style last night. I had a night out with my best friends and had a great time. We all have a lot of work to be doing at the moment with university essays and revision, so it was good to let go and have fun for a night while everyone was home and had free time for the Easter holidays. I have 4 essays to write in the next month and I have an exam in May so that’s definitely keeping me busy at the moment. But I think it’s so important to have some fun in between all the work otherwise you just end up stressed.

I’ve had a great week so far, despite having this pressure in my head. I met up with some friends on Monday who I met through Twitter but they both live locally. We had a DVD day and a good catch-up as although I’d seen them both individually recently, we hadn’t done anything the 3 of us for a long time. Tuesday was a day I both did university work and actually went to work, so it wasn’t the most fun of days but you need to have these days to get anything done!

I got back from my night out in the early hours this morning so today’s been pretty chilled as I caught up on sleep. It was so lovely last night to forget about everything with my best friends. We’re all doing different things now, and although most of us are living at home still, we all have very different timetables and work schedules so we don’t see each other as often as we’d like to. However, we all still remain really close and nights like last night really do show that. As you grow up and go through different experiences, you end up meeting friends from all different places but it’s so important to remember your best friends from school.

It’s now the long Easter weekend. What has everyone got planned? I’m heading to my grandparents for lunch on Easter Sunday and I’ll definitely be eating a lot of chocolate haha!

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February Essentials

Hey everyone,

Now January is over (already!), it’s time for a new month and for me, to go back to lectures after my Christmas break and my exam weeks. I’m not looking forward to going back to reality and the early mornings! Here are a few essentials I’ll be using a lot this month.

feb essentials

1) My academic diary- I need to keep track of all the work I have to do and be organised about it, as well as keeping note of where I need to be and when whilst I get used to my new timetable. I’ve specifically got a diary where there’s a full page for each day, just so I don’t have to squash everything in. I struggled to buy this back in October as not many places were stocking them when I realised it would probably be a very useful buy!

2)  My coat- a must-have for someone like me who feels the cold and hates cold weather. Of course, a scarf, gloves and hat are essentials for the coldest days too when I’m waiting at the bus stop. February is usually a very cold month and it’s when we usually tend to get snow here.

3) Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer- starting the early mornings again will mean concealer will be an important part of my make-up routine every morning to cover those dark circles under my eyes. This concealer helps to make you look more awake and I team it up with my Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation and Rimmel Clear Complexion powder to make my skin look as flawless as possible before I head out

4) Trainers- I have a gym membership at my university gym that I haven’t used half as much as I should have! This month, I’m determined to get back into an exercise routine and regularly visit the gym after lectures, so my trainers and gym clothes will be used more hopefully.

5) Vaseline- Anyone who knows me knows I can’t go anywhere without my Vaseline. My lips are always chapped and I have to have it on hand for when they could do with some moisture. This is especially important during the cold winter months so my Vaseline will be living in my handbag this month!

6) My laptop- Important for every student! I’ll be using it for all my readings and assignments again so it will be used even more than now as I’m basically just using it for blogging and Netflix. I need to buy myself a new laptop though because this one is getting old now and it’s so slow. I can’t live without my laptop with being a student so I’ll have to get onto this!

So there are my essentials for this month. What are yours?

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Thanks for reading,

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