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A-Z of TV Series

Ever wanted to find a new TV series to get addicted to but have no clue where to start? I asked my Twitter followers to names some of their favourite TV series to compile an A-Z list to refer to, and to hopefully help you all find a new series to get into. There’s a mixture of current and older series, and well-known series and less well-known ones, so hopefully there’s something there for everyone to try.

A– Arrow

B– Buffy

C– Charmed

D– Desperate Housewives

E– Extras

F– Friends

G– Grey’s Anatomy

H– Heartland

I– (the) IT Crowd

J– Jericho

K– (the) Killing

L– Lost Girl

M– Madam Secretary

N– Narcos

O– Once Upon A Time

P– Pretty Little Liars

Q– QI (not technically a TV series but Q is a hard letter and this is a loved programme!)

R– Revenge

S– Suits

T– Teen Wolf

U– (the) Unit

V– Vampire Diaries

W– White Collar

X– X Files

Y– Younger

Z– Z Nation

Are your favourites listed? Are you going to try watching any of these series?

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