If Music Didn’t Exist…

music notes

For me and many others, music is a big part of life. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t listen to at least one song. It gives me the motivation to get ready in the morning, it gets me through revision or a long journey, it cheers me up when I need to put a smile back on my face and it helps me to relax on a chilled-out evening. It has the power to get people through any situation.

Just imagine if we didn’t have music. Imagine how quiet the world would be. Even just the little things would be so different. How would scenes in TV programmes and films be made so dramatic? And how would we even entertain ourselves? Clubs wouldn’t exist because no one would be dancing without music. We would never be able to attend a concert either. There would be no singing ‘Happy Birthday’ when someone blows their candles out. When you really think about it, you start to realise that music is everywhere we go, and the world would be a very different place if it didn’t exist.

Music helps people deal with their thoughts, their emotions and their struggles. People write songs to explain how they feel and deal with what they are facing. People listen to songs and relate to the lyrics to get them through tough times. Music is not just something we listen to. It is something we feel and it is something very therapeutic to many. Yes, there are other forms of art and ways of expressing and dealing with how we feel, but music genuinely helps people. Music is an extremely powerful thing.

For me personally, my life would be very different without music. It has enabled me to meet some of my closest friends. It brings people together, and having a connection through your shared love of an artist is something truly special. Music is my hobby and going to concerts is my favourite way to spend my time. There is nothing more incredible than hearing your favourite songs live, and it is the most beautiful thing hearing the crowd sing a song back to the artist all together. All of those people are in the same room and sharing that experience because of their love for that artist.  You can’t get much more special than that.

Music for many people is such an important part of their life. But even if for you it isn’t, just think about how different life would be for you without it.

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