January 2016 Favourites

So the first month of the year is over already, how scary! It’s that time where I look back at some of my favourites from this month.

Favourite Moments

  • Seeing in the new year with my best friends
  • Surprising one of my friends by turning up in her town (seeĀ here)
  • Finishing semester 1 exams

Favourite Music

  • Sia- This Is Acting: This album only came out a few days ago but it has definitely met my expectations and I can’t stop listening to it. I’m especially loving Move Your Body.
  • Little Mix- Secret Love Song: This hasn’t officially been released as single yet but it’s already a hit in the charts even getting up to number 3 on iTunes. I love the main version featuring Jason Derulo, but Part 2 is incredible

Favourite TV

  • Making A Murderer- The latest Netflix obsession and I’m gripped, it’s so interesting! I feel so emotionally involved in it though, it’s definitely making me angry
  • Pretty Little Liars- the new season has started this month with the 5 year time jump, which I was wary about but I’m loving it and it remains my favourite TV series

January has been a crazy month and I’m looking forward to seeing what February has to bring. I’m back at university tomorrow so it’s going to be a struggle getting back into work again!

What have your January favourites been?

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A Surprise Trip

Long distance friendships can be tough and it’s horrible not being able to see each other whenever you want to, but that also makes these types of friendships even more special. This is why it was so exciting to go and surprise one of my friends this week by turning up in her town. Myself and my friend Shanna had been planning on surprising Sky for a while, and with us both having the week off and it being her birthday next week, this was the perfect time to do it.

As we were on the train, we filmed a video message explaining that her ‘parcel’ arriving that day was actually us and it was a ‘butterflies in our stomachs’ moment waiting for the video to send with the bad signal and to see her reaction. It was the best feeling seeing how shocked she was and knowing we were putting a big smile on her face. We had the typical cute group hug when we got off the train and it was just so good to see Sky again! I hadn’t seen her since July, and for Shanna it had been almost a year and a half so it was definitely good to be reunited!

We spent the day chilling and taking lots of selfies (standard) and just enjoying the day together. I absolutely love putting a smile on my friends’ faces so being able to do something so special that was a complete surprise was amazing and we all had so much fun. You can talk to each other every day but there is nothing quite like actually seeing each other, and with long distance friendships you really do treasure every moment. Hopefully it won’t be so long next time!


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Trips to London

London is one of my favourite places to be and I absolutely love having little trips away there. There’s something about the buzz of being in the big city. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in a quiet town, but I just love the whole London vibe.

Although it seems strange, there’s always one thing that I have a problem with when I go. I spent the day there yesterday with one of my best friends. We originally planned the trip as we had tickets for the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. However, a few days before, we were informed that they had cancelled Thursday’s auditions, yet I’d already booked my travel. Instead of wasting the trip, I still took my coach to just spend the day in the city, yet we had no clue of what we could get up to. London is the capital city and there is always so much to do, however we can never think of anything to do! We’ve done all the touristy bits before and are always hoping that something will come to us and we’ll think of something different to do, but it’s always a challenge to think of anything. This seems impossible in a capital city with so much to do, but maybe it’s the vast choice that actually makes it so difficult to find ideas?!

After meeting for a hot chocolate, we finally decided on a visit to the science museum for something to do, as this is one neither of us had visited since we were young. I’m not a big museum person but we were entertained by all the interactive parts and the games on the screens to play (we’re big kids basically). This managed to fill the day, with a lunch break in the middle. Later in the evening, we stopped off at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner then went to enjoy our night in a cocktail bar in Soho. It was a great venue and had a great atmosphere especially considering it was a Thursday night. It wasn’t a standard cocktail bar and it half felt like a club with the dancefloor, but with much more of a relaxed vibe than a club. They were playing some old school music and songs we hadn’t heard for a long time. It was good to let out hair down a bit especially seeing as I’ve just finished exams.

London was great fun as usual and I hope to be back there soon! It would be good to have a proper night out at the cocktail bar as we really loved it in there. Hopefully next time I go I’ll have more ideas on what I can actually get up to during the day! Has anyone else experienced the same problem when going to London or another big city?

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New Year New Start

Long time no speak! I apologise for abandoning this blog over the last few months. I was so busy and wasn’t getting the time so decided to take a break from blogging and feeling the need to post. I’ve now finished all the assessments and exams from the first term of this university year, and I’ve realised how much I have missed blogging and I feel that I have got the bug back. I can’t promise super regular updates especially when my workload starts again, but I definitely am excited about being back in the blogging world. Thank you for sticking with me followers, and I’ll be updating very soon!

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