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Afternoon bloggers,

Having finished university for the year, I’ve had the chance to do things I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the chance to. The past couple of days, I’ve been updating some scrapbooks that I keep. They hold my memories of interactions I’ve had from my favourite singers (Joe McElderry and Girls Aloud). I’ve been very lucky and want to keep them all together for me to always look back on. I love keeping scrapbooks because you can include photos and little snapshots of times in your life or things that mean something to you. I’ve tried keeping diaries in the past but I can never keep at it for long as I just forget and don’t have time, then end up not doing it for days and giving up, which is a shame because things like this are always good to look back on in the future and remember days you may have forgotten about. I have just ended up cringing at the things I wrote in diaries as a child anyway haha! But for these scrapbooks specifically, it’s a way of bringing all my interactions together instead of having various screenshots and photos saved in random places on my phone and not being able to find them all.  It’s taking a lot of time and effort though! I had already started them but they haven’t been updated for a long time and I was already behind with what I had put in them. I had to search through all my photos to make sure I didn’t miss any out, find all the dates, print them all off, stick them all in. I still haven’t got very far but I’ve got 4 months off for summer so I have plenty of time and it will all be worth it when it’s done! Then I’ll just have to make sure I keep on top of it and update as things come so I don’t have all this searching again! This is just my way of keeping my special fangirl memories, but I’d definitely recommend keeping a scrapbook for something you’re interested in. Whether it’s films you see if you’re a film fanatic, places you’ve visited if you love travelling, or just a general account of your daily life, it will be something you’ll be glad you did when you’re older.


To keep together my memories of my daily life, this year I’ve been keeping a memory jar. I attempted one last year but I was pretty rubbish and gave up early on. However, this year I’m pleased to say that I’ve kept going and I’m really looking forward to opening it at New Year and reminiscing all the things that have made me smile in 2015. I’ve written all my memories on little pieces of different coloured paper folded up, and it’s pretty full already and we’re not even halfway through the year yet. I want to be able to keep all these pieces of paper once I’ve opened the jar, so I’ll have to work out a way to organise them all into a book or something. I love cute ideas like this and it’s another interesting way of keeping memories.

memory jar

Do any of you keep your memories in interesting ways and different to keeping a diary? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Much love,

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S Club 7- Bring It All Back 2015

On Saturday night, I was lucky enough to relive my childhood and went to the 02 Arena to see the S Cub 7 reunion tour. This was so exciting seeing as I absolutely loved them as a child and their music and TV shows are still my guilty pleasure.

From the moment the lights went down, everyone was on their feet which set the tone for the night. It was definitely one of the best audiences I’ve ever been in in terms of the crowd atmosphere. Everyone had anticipated this reunion for so long and was in the mood for a party. The show started with Bring The House Down which, although it wasn’t a single, worked very well as an opener. All of the greatest hits were in the setlist, such as Bring It All Back, S Club Party and Reach (seen in my Instagram video below).

The band added a twist to the show by each having a small solo section. Tina sung Stronger (from the Sunshine album), Bradley did a DJ set where he played some of the band’s album tracks, and Jo & Jon decided to team up to sing their duet of Hello Friend. Paul opted to perform an acoustic version of Reach, which had a great reception and everyone was singing the lyrics back. I think the most anticipated solo was Rachel’s, as she is the member who has had the most chart success as a solo artist. I loved her performance of her hits Some Girls and Sweet Dreams My LA Ex. However, I was confused by Hannah’s solo, which was a cover of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up. This really didn’t fit with the flow of the show so I don’t understand the reasoning behind this choice. The other members all sung S Club songs, except for Rachel who sung her own chart hits. Although Hannah didn’t have lead vocals on many songs in the band, I’m sure she could have found a song suitable for her solo section.

As well as the band’s greatest hits and their solo parts, they also performed a cover of Uptown Funk. Although this is a massive hit at the moment, before the show when I saw the setlist, I wasn’t sure how this would go down. People had been waiting for years to see an S Club 7 reunion so people wanted to hear their songs. However, their version went down really well so it turned out to be a good asset to the show.

The encore consisted of Never Had A Dream Come True and Don’t Stop Movin’, 2 of their biggest hits, so the night definitely ended on a high. It was clear to see that the band were overwhelmed at the reaction they were getting from a sold-out 02 Arena, 12 years after their split. They were definitely emotional when singing Say Goodbye, which was released as their final single after announcing S Club 7 had come to an end. They had a moment when the song finished, showing that they’ve all remained good friends through the years, and that the time together as band is very special to them. I had a great night and it was amazing to be able to see the band again all these years later. Their songs definitely don’t get old as they have released some classics which are still loved now, and they always get everyone dancing at parties. In fact, Reach got played in the club I went to on Monday night. It’s often hard to tell how good the vocals sound when you see a show in a big arena with a big production, but to me it sounded as if Jo had her voice back. She often had the lead vocals in S Club 7’s songs, but on their first comeback performance on Children In Need last year, her vocals had sounded shaky and people wondered whether she still had the voice she used to. Overall, the reunion tour has definitely been a success. It was long-anticipated but the reaction from what people have put on social media, the ticket sales and the crowd atmosphere shows just how loved S Club 7 still are, and what a big part they were of people’s childhoods.

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So my first year of university is officially over! It’s crazy how quickly these months have flown past and how I’ve already completed 1/3 of my course. I’ve loved this year, and although it’s been stressful, I’ve had a lot of fun and met some amazing people. It’s sad that I won’t see a lot of people now until we start again in September, when I’m so used to seeing everyone regularly. I’m looking forward to not having the worry of having reading to do, assignments to complete and exams to revise for. I’ve got a lot of summer plans and I’m excited about being able to chill too.

Last night, everyone on my course went out to celebrate finishing our last exam and surviving our first year. It was so good to be able to celebrate together Our course is only small so it means that we all know each other pretty well and can organise nights out and other activities together which I love. I live at home so I don’t have flatmates to get to know well, so it’s nice that we can all have close relationships in the course and it has such a friendly feel to it. I started the night at one of the girl’s flats for some pre-drinks, then we headed into town where we met everyone else at a bar which does amazing cocktails. The one I picked was like an alcoholic banana milkshake and it tasted so good. It’s called a Hummingbird if anyone wants to give it a try. We then headed to a club and it was so good to let our hair down and feel free without the stress we’ve all been under. We all deserved a celebration and a chance to let go, and spend some time together before everyone heads back home. I definitely regretted wearing a dress though because it turned out to be a very windy and freezing cold night! I always feel the cold anyway so it wasn’t my smartest plan, but I’d been silly enough to assume that it would be warm enough seeing as it is May. But this is England and our weather is pretty unpredictable, plus being summer doesn’t mean summer weather.

We have one more event before everyone leaves for summer which is our summer ball next week which I’m looking forward to. There will be live music, fairground rides and a whole load of other stuff so it should be a good night and we will be able to finish our first year off in style.

It’s almost midnight here now so I should probably get some sleep, seeing as I didn’t get much last night. I am surprised at how I’m not particularly tired but I can’t complain about that! Oh and it’s a good feeling knowing that I don’t need to set an alarm for the morning!

Good night,

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Milestone- 50 Followers


Hello fellow bloggers,

It’s only a little milestone but I have reached 50 followers! Thank you to everyone who is following my blog and I hope you are all enjoying my posts. This is amazing for me because I only started this blog a few months ago and I was very new to it. Plus I know I haven’t been very active recently due to my workload, so it’s a good feeling that people are still interested in what I’m writing. It’s onwards and upwards from here! Thank you for the likes and the comments; I really appreciate them all and hope you continue to enjoy being  a part of something which I thoroughly enjoy doing.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week. I’m looking forward to the weekend because I’m heading to London to watch S Club 7 in concert! They were a massive part of my childhood and I’ve been so excited for this reunion tour, so it’s going to be good having an S Club party once again! What are your plans for the weekend?

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Liebster Award

liebsteraward-1I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Katie at Sorry for taking so long to do my answers!

The Rules:

1. Link the person who nominated you to your blog post and let them know you answered their questions.
2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Katie’s Questions:

1. Who is your celeb crush? (And why?)

Well Zac Efron is pretty handsome. And obviously I love Joe McElderry, he’s also very handsome and I love his personality so it’s a shame I’m not his type haha!

2. If you had to travel one place in the entire world, where would that be?

It was always my dream to go to LA and I travelled there last year which was incredible. It’s made we want to see more of America so my next dream holiday I think would be to go to Miami and go to the Florida theme parks while I’m there.

3. Who was the last person you hugged, and was it good?

My mum and yes, she gives good hugs!

4. What’s your dream job?

I want to be a primary school teacher. I’m doing Education at university now so this job is in sight and I should be there in a few years. I love children and it will be such a rewarding job, and every day will be different. I just want to help make a difference to their lives, so that will be an incredible feeling.

5. What are your pet peeves?

A few I can think of at the moment… Slow walkers, when people sit right by me/behind me when there’s plenty of seats around (for example on the bus), know-it-alls

6. If you were allowed to shop in only one clothes shop for the rest of you life, what shop would that be?

New Look! It’s affordable and I always find a lot that I like in there.

7. What’s your favourite pun?

Ohh I can’t think of one but I do love a good pun, the cheesier the funnier haha! I come up with some pretty bad ones…

8. Favourite Disney princess/character?

This is difficult because although I like Disney films I really don’t watch them very often, and I’m not that into Disney like a lot of people are so I wouldn’t say I have a favourite character..

9. What was the first CD you ever bought?

Although I would have been too young to actually buy it myself, the first one I owned would have been a Spice Girls one as I was in love with them from a very young age and they’re what got me into music.

10. Most used beauty product?

I never go without foundation so I’d say that make-up wise

My Nominations:

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My Questions For You:

1) It’s a lazy Sunday…what can you be found doing?

2) Sweet or savoury?

3) What are your 5 handbag essentials?

4) Who is the last person you texted?

5) If you had to listen to just one album for a week, which would you pick?

6) If you only had time to do either hair or make-up one morning, which would you choose and why?

7) Where would you live if you had to move to a different city in your country?

8) Which do you prefer- your birthday or Christmas?

9) What are your plans for the summer?

10) What is your most used/signature phrase?

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The General Election

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been stressful but I now feel as if I have a lot less weight on my shoulders as all my university assignments have been submitted! It took a lot of work and involved me doing a 2000 word essay in 2 days but I’m just glad they’re all done now. I just have one exam then my first year is over, which is very scary as it has flown by! But I’m very excited for summer and have lots of things planned to keep me busy and keep me happy.

Yesterday in the UK was our general election where we voted for our new government. I turned 18 last year so yesterday was the first time I have been able to vote which was interesting and definitely made me feel grown up and responsible, being able to have my say in how our country is run! I’ve never been particularly interested in politics but I definitely wanted to use my vote During the last election in 2010, I did try to take an interest so I did pick up on the basics of how elections work and the whole process. This definitely helped me this year in understanding what was happening and how my vote would count. It makes me annoyed that so many people in this country don’t understand elections because they’ve never had it explained to them. I think it should definitely be taught in schools because voting for our country is so important and understanding helps us to make educated votes. I understand that there could be an issue of political bias from the people teaching it, but if children were just taught about the election process then this could be done without the need of any political opinions.

I’m surprised at how interested I have been in this election. Maybe it’s because it has been my first vote, but once the results started coming in, I kept refreshing the webpage to see what was happening and how many seats each party currently had. I even found myself watching a lot of it on TV this morning to see the final results come in and find out whether the Conservatives would get enough seats for a majority. I was definitely surprised that they ended up getting this majority, because it had previously seemed as though it would be incredibly close between them and the Labour party, so I was convinced it would be a hung parliament and another coalition would be formed.

Did anyone else do their first vote yesterday? Have you taken any interest in the election?

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